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2017 DATES

15th Dec
Christmas Social Evening


30/06/19 Ellicombe Forwards Only Production Car Autotest, Minehead. Map Ref: 181/984447.
The venue is a smooth grass field, and will be non-damaging, therefore suitable for any production car using road pattern tyres.
Open only to Minehead members and half year membership will be available at signing on for £6.
Event Regulations available now

The Lyn Valley Tour 9th June 2019

A small selection of the cars at the start of our tour from Raleghs Cross to join the Lyn Valley Classic at Lynton-Lynmouth

2019 DATES

30/06/19 Ellicombe Forwards Only Autotest, Minehead (mr 181/984447) Event Regulations
07/07/19 Treborough Car Trial, Treborough (mr 181/004369)
04/08/19 Beech Trees Trial, Luxborough (mr 181/971385)
18/08/19 Tour of Exmoor, Allerford
24/08/19 Dunster Lawns Autotest, Dunster
08/09/19 Exmoor Clouds Trial, Wheddon Cross (mr 181/923389)
29/09/19 Armour Lane Trial, Exton (mr 181/963341)
20/10/19 Rolys Car Trial, ASWMC Championship round
17/11/19 Slowley Car Trial, Luxborough (mr 181/998382)
02/12/19 Beech Trees Trial, Luxborough
(mr 181/971385)


The Minehead Motor Club was formed in 1962 to further motorsport, and today is organising various events for the enjoyment of motorsport enthusiasts. The club is located in West Somerset, and consists of about 90 members of all ages.

We are recognised by the Motor Sports Association, the Auto Cycle Union and are a member club of the Association of South-Western Motor Clubs (ASWMC), and the Association of Classic Trials Clubs (ACTC).

Events include The Somerset Seekers Targa Rally jointly organised with Burnham-on-Sea Motor Club. The Exmoor Clouds Classic Trial, and The Tour of Exmoor. We also run a series of Car Trials and Gymkhanas.

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